Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scared White Lady Pulls Gun On Black Man For Asking To Use Lighter From 10 Feet Away

Addicting Info with video

A Tennessee woman, who almost assuredly is “not racist,” was arrested for pulling a gun on a black man in a Walmart parking lot after he made the mistake of assuming she was the sort of person who would allow him to use her lighter to spark up a cigarette. Sherry McLain says she feared for her life, but authorities say that there was never any reason for her to fear when she was approached by her would-be victim.
“It scared me absolutely to death,” said McLain, who maintains that when she recklessly pulled out her firearm. She says she was loading groceries into her car in a crowded Walmart parking lot at around 4 p.m. Saturday. She says she was startled when a strange man approached her and began “hollering behind her.” Refusing to be a victim like a good little NRA acolyte, McClain pulled her weapon, but she says it was not enough to stop the hulking and scary 52-year-old black man from bothering her — James Crutchfield, she says, continued to approach her even after her weapon was drawn and she had told him to stop. McLain says that Crutchfield then moved away from her, toward another woman who was with a child “still hollering.”
To hear her tell her harrowing tale, she was lucky to escape the encounter with her life, but security footage, surely manufactured by the lamestream media to demonize gun owners, Crutchfield (surely a liar) and victims, who were likely paid off by one liberal cabal or another to lie about the situation, tell a different story.
Crutchfield did, indeed, approach her. He had just purchased a pack of cigarettes and forgot a lighter — one of the many downfalls of being a smoker. He says that the woman “immediately” pulled her gun on him and began screaming. And, of course, he did run — run — to another woman who did, indeed, have a child. The witness tells police that Crutchfield frantically approached her, yelling that McLain had a gun — one she was now pointing at Crutchfield, the witness, and the witness’ child. After asking her to call police, she says Crutchfield ran back into the store.


  1. Howdy Mike, as you can see, in this case, she is being charged because the use of deadly force is based on the "reasonable man" definition. Clearly, based on witness accounts and video, that wasn't met.

    "A judge will decide if the situation fully justified her actions. McLain was charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment."

    BTW, not getting the Kessler tag.

    1. BTW, not getting the Kessler tag.

      Glad to see I'm not the only one baffled by that.

    2. That was a mistake. I'll remove it.

    3. Cute how these loons attack you for your labels, but never speak to the article.

    4. "Cute how these loons attack you for your labels, but never speak to the article."

      Well Anon, I actually did speak to the article. As for the tags, Mike is what is known as a human and as most of us do from time to time makes a mistake here and there.
      Cute how you regard every comment here as an attack. I doubt Mike considered it one.

  2. It scared me absolutely to death,” said McLain . . . "

    Hey, Mikeb--you have a kindred spirit. Just as you like to radically change the meanings of words, like "voluntary," "first," and many others, she has clearly invented a new meaning for "absolutely."

  3. As a smoker, I can say that that is exactly what I would do. I would buy cigarettes and go to the parking lot and look for a woman putting groceries in her car to ask for a light instead of waiting by the entrance/exit of the building to wait for someone entering putting out a cigarette or someone exiting getting ready to light one up. But, then again, I'm white.
    And if I'm a white woman I wouldn't even consider the fact that 93% of women are raped by black men.

    orlin sellers

  4. She should get a stiff prison sentence.