Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The NRA Just Thanked Obama For Something He Recently Did — And It Wasn’t Even Joking

Image credit: Ninian Reid/Flickr

While pro-gun activists have given Obama some tongue-in-cheek gratitude for these increases, the NRA recently found something for which it feels the administration deserves legitimate credit. In a recent statement, the lobbying group thanked Obama for signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act, complete with “several NRA-backed provisions.”

Among them, the press release revealed, are “expanding gun rights on stateside military bases; prohibiting the Environmental Protection Agency … from banning traditional ammunition; and saving taxpayer dollars by allowing gun collectors to buy vintage military surplus pistols.”
NRA Institute for Legislative Action Executive Director Chris W. Cox expounded on one provision, made especially relevant after four Marines were killed in an attack on two military recruitment stations in Tennessee this past summer.
“The brave men and women in our Armed Forces should not be left defenseless against terrorists on American soil,” he said. “Local commanders now have the authority to allow service men and women to be armed while on base. Members of the military should have the same ability to defend themselves as every other law-abiding citizen.”


  1. For some reason they left out the part about also allowing the sale of surplus military handguns through the Civilian Marksmanship Program. Way cool.

    "President Obama last week signed the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2016 into law, which, among other pro-gun reforms, will allow the Civilian Marksmanship Program to sell surplus Army .45s."


  2. That certainly proves the lie of your gun loon readers who claim Obama wants to ban guns.

    1. Not really Anon. This type of bill comes along every so often and contains God knows how many little bills from God knows where. He had even vetoed the bill the first time it was passed, though in that case he did it due to restrictions on sequesteration. If you had read the article at the link I cited, you would have seen that.

    2. So where is the evidence (legislative bills that he initiated) that Obama wants to ban guns?

    3. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama does something yet. The good gun owners love to differentiate themselves from the kooks and the terrorists, but that all enjoy the same lax gun laws. Something's gotta give.

    4. "So where is the evidence (legislative bills that he initiated) that Obama wants to ban guns?"

      Anon, I'd suggest you do some reading on the legislative process. You might learn that presidents don't write or initiate bills. He is in the executive branch, not the legislative one.
      He is however the party leader and call on his legislative party members to introduce a bill. I believe he just did that in the last several days when he spoke out for banning assault weapons.

    5. So you admit Obama couldn't ban anything even if he wanted to. Thanks for that, but maybe you gun loons should stop saying Obama wants to ban guns. Another lie you gun loons have been pushing since he took office. Don't tell me to educate myself, educate yourself, Obama can't ban anything, but you gun loons keep saying he is GOING to. Laughable dishonesty.

    6. "So you admit Obama couldn't ban anything even if he wanted to. Thanks for that, but maybe you gun loons should stop saying Obama wants to ban guns."

      Well Anon, some have been trying to get him to try an end run around that, by using, or some would say abusing his executive powers,

      " White House officials are seeking a way to use executive authority to close the so-called gun show loophole that allows thousands of people to buy firearms each year without a background check, but complicated legal issues have slowed the process."


      Also keep in mind, as I said earlier, he is the DFL party leader and their biggest spokesman. So on one hand as you can see in the article I just cited, he is wanting to push the limits with his executive powers, and is setting the DFL party policy, which carries over to members of the DFL on the legislative side.
      Take a look just above from Mike,

      "I wouldn't be surprised if Obama does something yet."

      Your side does the same thing using the President's name to represent the DFL party. You have even done the same thing in the past by referring to the previous President to represent all actions taken during his time in office, including legislative actions voted on by almost all of the DFL party.

    7. Your side protects killers. Thanks for agreeing with me that you were wrong.

  3. You seem to have forgotten to tag this post, Mikeb. Let me help: "typical NRA graciousness."

    You're welcome.

  4. These provisions were most likely a rider attached to a much larger bill that was important to the president and this was a concession of some sort. Nevertheless, it was the right thing to do and reasserts rights that were already established in the 2nd Amendment.