Thursday, January 28, 2016

Internet Experts

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  1. "I read it on the internet"

    Well......sums up the gun control crowd anyway.

  2. Pretty cool, and a wonderful example of something the gun and military culture has that the gun control lobby and their supporters don't. Namely a sense of humor. You didn't supply a link, so here it is,

    "Or... Maybe you are part of some IT strike team, call center, support structure or even in a "Squad" that is "Geek." This is the patch to celebrate your ability to execute QWERTY assassinations and validate your merc skillz on teh interwebz. Nothing says CODE WARRIOR like this PVC does. (./salespitch)"

    ", started as an idea one night on a barstool. Four friends, fed up with all the runaround from trying to obtain information, reviews or firearm knowledge from the local gun shops lead to our creation. Four men, treated as if they were children because they did not come from a military or police background, did not grow up hunting or with shooting in their early years, set out to do things differently and in terms that all newbies (like us) could understand."

    And they have some interesting articles such as this one reviewing real high capacity magazines, as opposed to standard capacity ones.