Tuesday, January 26, 2016



  1. Any political party that claims to be "pro choice" but they're only ok with you making choices they approve of, isn't really pro-choice.

  2. Yet, somehow, in your mind a political party that has a leader who has 'kill lists', legislates 'death panels', obliterates Doctors Without Borders hospitals with bombs,
    creates millions of refugees by intervening and destroying infrastructure in their homelands, puts young American men in harms way and forces them to do immoral and unjust deeds to innocent people and then commit suicide upon returning home because of the guilt in their conscience, encourages unhealthy same-sex acts promoting AIDS, thinks boys are girls and vice versa, finances a 'war on women' by destroying them in the womb, etc.... is somehow better than the other political party. There is a word for people who think like that.

    orlin sellers

  3. Actually they have the best position to be pro life.

  4. Conservitive RepublicanJanuary 27, 2016 at 8:01 PM

    Pro gun, pro war, pro death penalty and anti socialist health care have the perfect credentials to be in support of pro life. It can not be any other way. Period.

    Americans are conservative. The alternative is nothing but socialism. So there is no such thing as "Americans Against The Republican Party".

  5. Here's the problem Mike, you have a good bit of spin in the meme, conservatives are pro life, pro tools and ability to protect life, not pro war as much as pro having a well trained and equipped military force, to protect and defend life, as far as the death penalty goes, you murder and you get, through due process the penalty for unlawfully taking a life, and we aren't anti healthcare, but rather we are anti being forced ultimately at government gun point to buy it, a distinction I know is lost on you, and believe it or not we don't consider ending the life of the unborn a "healthcare" choice. In reality we are in a far better position to be pro life than you are.