Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Obama said gun owners would support his new restrictions. He was right.

Washington Post

President Obama rolled out a package of executive actions on guns this week. The changes included clarifying rules meant to broaden the use of background checks by private sellers, allocating money for mental health treatment, and adding more staff at the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to help enforce existing regulations.
The changes were modest in scope -- experts and even the NRA agreed that their overall impact would be small. That didn't stop Obama's critics from fiercely denouncing the proposals. But the president predicted the public would be on his side. The actions would be supported by an "overwhelming majority of the American people, including gun owners," he said Monday.
As it turns out, he was right.
new CNN-ORC survey of 1,000 Americans finds that the public supports Obama's plan by a 2-to-1 ratio: 67 percent of respondents favored the executive actions, while 32 percent opposed them. Even more striking, a similar share of people in gun-owning households -- 63 percent -- supported the measures.
Even more striking: 51 percent of Republicans support Obama's executive action on guns. When's the last time 51 percent of Republicans agreed with Obama on anything?


  1. You mean a majority of people approve of the President's "empty rhetoric" as I believe you put it. Looking at the survey itself is sort of interesting too,
    For example,
    55% think the President's policies on guns are taking the country in the wrong direction.

    53% disapprove of the Presidents handling of gun policy.

    57% believe that the changes wont be effective.

    54% oppose the President using Executive Orders to implement the policies.

    And apparently, the declining gun myth is showing itself to be false again because households with guns appears to be 40% according to this survey.

  2. "Even more striking: 51 percent of Republicans support Obama's executive action on guns. When's the last time 51 percent of Republicans agreed with Obama on anything?"

    Actually they didn't. Its a CNN poll, only 1000 of their viewers. Kinda slanted dontcha think?

    1. I didn't see that the 1,000 folks polled were all CNN viewers. Most of them were probably like me, they watch several different news outlets.

    2. Is that really true? Republicans can't watch CNN anymore? As far as I'm concerned, they are traditionally pro-war and right-wing enough for the average guy. I would think that smart republicans might consider FOX News more of a feel-good, bloggy kind of bullshit source for news. Forgive me if I am wrong. Have not paid for cable TV since the 1980s.

      I just remember that dickhead Wolf Blitzer plugging the first Iraq war like it was the greatest thing that ever happened to TV journalism.

      Seriously. CNN liberal?


    3. Like you. I guess so. All LIBERAL media outlets.

  3. That didn't stop Obama's critics from fiercely denouncing the proposals.

    Yeah--I seem to remember one of Obama's whiniest critics:

    The way I read it, nothing changes. What private seller will be affected by that weak bullshit?

    I don't suppose Obama need worry much about some far-fringe delusional crybaby, though.

    1. Most gun owners and most Republicans agree something must be done. Is that inconsistent with my observation that the Executive Order with accomplish nothing?

    2. Most gun owners and most Republicans agree something must be done.

      What Obama said is that his executive orders would be widely supported. The article mentioned "Obama's critics," who "fiercely denounced" those executive orders. I was merely noting one of "Obama's critics" mentioned in the article--the whiniest, most ineffectual one.