Friday, January 22, 2016

[Way] More than 800 Deaths At the Hands of Concealed Carry Killers Since 2007, VPC Research Shows

Concealed handgun permit holders are responsible for at least 849 deaths not involving self defense since 2007, including 29 mass shootings that killed 139 people, ongoing research from the Violence Policy Center (VPC) finds. Since there is no comprehensive recordkeeping of fatal incidents perpetrated by concealed carry permit holders, this tally most likely represents a small fraction of the actual total.
Details on these fatal incidents can be found on Concealed Carry Killers (, an online resource that provides examples of non-self defense killings involving private citizens with permits to carry concealed handguns in public. Information on these incidents is organized by state.


  1. I'm certain that the integrity of the gun control camp, will compel them to give the same deference to VPC 'research' as they have given to John Lott's.....

    1. No. John Lott used peoples' telephone testimony and he counted every possible thing he could to get the ridiculous numbers he did. What the VPC folks have done is tallied news reports which is why their numbers are so low. One can only imagine what the true numbers might be.

    2. One can only imagine what the true numbers might be.

      And we all know what a big fan you are of imaginary numbers.

    3. Using the same method that the VPC uses, the answer is for the most part daily, if not more. There is a Reddit page that documents defensive gun uses using news reports,

  2. Ah, the old VPC Concealed Carry Killers thing again. I see that at least they are up front about counting suicides which they hadn't the last time we talked about them. I'll have to look and see if they are still doing double entries of suicides in Michigan.
    So lets look at the breakdown here,

    As you can see, a good third seem to be those who have only killed themselves. Believe it or not, that isn't against the law anymore. And then we have what looks to be about 60 who haven't been convicted. No worries about that pesky innocent until proven guilty thing. After all, this is the VPC. They don't need no stinking presumption of innocence.
    But, just for fun, lets include suicides. The CDC reports that the total number of gun deaths from 2007 through 2014 comes to 258,985. That's including suicides also.
    So, if the VPC's figures are accurate, and that's a stretch, using my basic math skills, it seems to show that permit holders are responsible for three tenths of one percent of all gun deaths.
    Obviously, the VPC has never heard of Pareto Analysis.

    1. "As you can see, a good third seem to be those who have only killed themselves."

      Why do you continually want to discount the suicides?

    2. Because it has nothing to do with be allowed to conceal carry in public? It has no meaningful relation.

      You might as well include the deaths from conceal carriers slipping in their showers and breaking their necks too.

    3. "Why do you continually want to discount the suicides?"

      I don't discount them, when they are germane. In this case, suicide has not a thing to do with having a carry permit. The VPC says this on their site,

      "Concealed Carry Killers is a resource maintained by the Violence Policy Center that includes hundreds of examples of non-self defense killings by private citizens with permits to carry concealed, loaded handguns in public that took place since May 2007."

      Don't you think that a reasonable person would think they are referring to homicides? In fairness, since we discussed this site last time they've become more up front on the counting of suicides. In fact, last time, you had to look at individual entries to see that the "killing" was a suicide.
      But as I said in my original comment, even if suicides are included, permit holders are still much safer and law abiding than the general public.