Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Open Carry Tactics May Be Backfiring Onto Concealed Carriers In Texas

Bearing Arms for our readers who have blinders on and think every expansion of gun rights is good for their side. The real damage of course, is that open carry is seen by non-gun owners for just what it is, the stuff of fanatics and 2nd Amendment extremists.

We tried to tell open carry advocates in Texas that their tactics of open carrying long guns into restaurants, stores, and other establishments were causing problems, not winning converts. The major open carry groups in the state eventually backed off what many in the general public saw as an intimidation tactic, and a lesser version of open carry finally became law despite their antics.
Unfortunately it appears that the damage has been done.
In a post on TexasCHLForum.com, a popular gun rights website moderated by National Rifle Association board member Charles L. Cotton, one user reported that the new law has triggered private business owners to not only exercise their right to bar open carry on their premises, but prohibit concealed handguns as well. Any private business in Texas that wishes to bar firearms must display a strictly regulated sign — dubbed “30.07” for openly carried guns, and “30.06” for concealed firearms. Amid the controversy over open carry, this gun owner was noticing more of both varieties.
“Got an email from work telling us that not only are 30.07 signs going up over the weekend on our office building but 30.06 as well. What makes this even more frustrating is I have yet to see a single open carry,” wrote a user with the handle LTUME1978, before predicting in a subsequent comment that, at least in Houston, “Once the signs are up, they are not ever going to come down.”


  1. Currently, most of these actions are a result of the hype caused by both sides of the issue. On one side various open carry events specializing in the carry of long arms which have absolutely nothing to do with the current law as passed. And the typical shrill predictions from the gun control lobby that law enforcement wont be able to do their jobs with people exercising their rights under what I like to refer to as "Minnesota carry".
    After a while, everything and everyone will calm down and everyone will notice that it isn't such a big deal. Most permit holders will still conceal except in very hot weather which I've heard is an issue down there. Though now permit holders wont have to worry about being charged with inadvertent exposure of their firearm.
    Minnesota hasn't required permit holders to conceal for over twelve years with no issues, and the number of businesses that legally post banning carry is pretty small.

    1. Oh brother, the "inadvertent exposure of their firearm" thing again.

    2. Oh brother, the "inadvertent exposure of their firearm" thing again.

      Yeah, shame on you, SSG, for boring Mikeb with references to the gross miscarriage of justice that has been known to occur in states that permit concealed carry, but not open. Those people don't matter, according to Mikeb, and you shouldn't bother him about them.

    3. Oh brother, the old "arrests in gross violation of human rights and decency is ok so long as it is 'rare'" thing again...

  2. While I don't open carry...because it's nobody else's business whether or not I'm armed...deriding OC as the stuff of "fanatics and extremists" for possessing a lawful item...is itself fanatical and extreme.

    Our fellow citizens do not possess a Constitutional right to not get the vapors and soil themselves.

  3. “Once the signs are up, they are not ever going to come down.”

    Yeah, the same was said about the 30.06 signs 20 years ago. Lasted around 6 months and then became a thing of the past. The same will happen again. The thing is since open carry passed, applications have went up 1000%, that's not a typo Mike. The reason for such a huge increase is that a lot of people didn't want to conceal carry only. So I bet come mid summer there will be a whole new group of open carry and they are going to want to visit places that allow it. There are many places in Texas that will give open carry a discount for example. And as a side note, I have been going all over the DFW area and have yet to see a single 30.07 sign.

    If I owned a business, I would absolutely cater to open as well a concealed carry folks. Where else could I get a cliental that has passed a federal and state background checks and know for a fact that no rapists or murderers or anything in between that would be entering my shop. The state of Texas has cleared them for me so that I would have nothing to worry about.

    Let the antis suffer their financial losses while the smart people gain customers. Kroger, as an example, told MDA to take a hike as they are observing what ever the law is in what ever state that they are in. Their bottom line went up over 30% as a result of their announcement.

    When the other anti business figure this out, the signs will come back down, just as they did 20 years ago. The difference of a thin piece of cloth on one side of the gun or the other will never change the fact that the gun is there. Go bury your head in the sand, certain people wont do that for you anymore.