Sunday, January 3, 2016

Texas 6-Year-old Shot

According to the San Antonio Police Department, the shooting happened while the little girl sat in her family's car. They were apparently lost and were attempting to turn around in the 4600 block of Houston Street.
The family says they were in the area looking for a tire shop. They became lost and pulled into the parking lot of some townhomes to re-route a GPS device.
Investigators say the car's headlights were shining on another car, which appeared to annoy someone inside the vehicle, described as a gray 4-door Impala. A person inside the Impala got out, walked toward the family's car and fired nine shots.
One of the bullets traveled through the car's taillight and hit the 6-year-old girl in the back.

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  1. Similar to someone throwing popcorn and getting killed for it.