Sunday, August 17, 2008

McCain is an ABBA Fan

It seems candidate John McCain was asked to list his favorite songs. Dancing Queen by ABBA was number one. On the Lawyers, Guns and Money blog, there's a very humorous connection with the Australian poll that declared McCain's favorite song The Gayest Song of All Time.

Over at the wonderful blog of Bob Cesca, there's a video in which the Senator explains his taste in music. I thought he came off fairly well. I agree it was weird that he brought up his war record in connection with his not having much musical taste or interest, but overall I thought he was pretty smooth. It reminded me of Levon.


  1. God I hate that song! Not that it surprises me that McCain likes music I hate. He doesn't strike me as much of a Dylan Fan, or of my fave, Tom Waits.

    Just for fun, maybe him liking the gayest song ever will mean that he'll make moves to either legalize or accept gay marriage under full faith and value clause of the Constitution. Just come to Mass or Cali, get hitched, then go home and have your stodgy home state recognize your union!

    Maybe he'll do the same for concealed weapons permits too. I'm not looking forward to sending out for a Maine and New Hampshire (Vermont allows all to carry without permit) Just so I can carry in the 4 states I frequent.

  2. That's it. I'm gonna write a post about Tom Waits.

  3. Waterloo, couldn't escape if he wanted to...