Friday, March 20, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger Introduces Barack Obama

Anybody else see a trend here? First we had Rush Limbaugh unapologetically claiming to hope Obama fails. Then the former-Vice President Dick Cheney said just about the same thing, but slicked it up a bit. After that the former-President George W. Bush actually said he wishes Obama well and feels the new president deserves his silence. Now governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can't say enough in praise of his "partner," President Obama.


  1. Well, there is a HUGE difference between the character that Rush plays on the radio and the character that Arnie plays as the Governator.

    Both actors with different stages and different scripts.

  2. I am not surprised considering that the Governator is married to a Kennedy.

  3. President Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger are not typical of the GOP, it seems.

    Republicans have been revealing publicly in unguarded moments why they hope President Obama fails.

  4. Burr, Thanks for the comment. I like you site, the FU site. Great stuff.