Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's Twist Again


  1. Nobody cares about that.

    We CARE about THIS

    Care to blog about how wrong you are, Mike?

    Maybe a surrender and a retierment from being a lieing partisan bastard, and becoming an agent of truth?

  2. Now, Weer'd be nice.

    The song is nice and at least I can understand what is being said.

    Of course, it also describes what the anti-freedom, pro-ignorance crowd does every time some calls them on their lies, distortions and other misleading ways.

  3. Never been much of a Fan of Chubby Checker or the Big Bopper.

    Maybe it's my age.

  4. Weer'd, That's a great letter to Holder signed by 65 Democrats. But, why only Democrats? Is it presumed that Republicans oppose the Assault Weapon Ban? Are there some Dems who didn't sign? Do you know the background of the letter?

  5. What's with all the stupid questions, Mike?

  6. Mike,

    I agree with Weer'd.

    What's up with all the inane questions? It's like you've given up thinking (that may be the default gun grabber state, I don't know) about any of the issues.

    Or that you are using us as your research department.

    Think of the questions and find out yourself.

  7. He knows the answer, he's just passing the buck in attempt to wear us down, Bob. That's why I've stopped debating the issues here. Mike knows the answers to all his questions, worse yet he knows he's on the wrong side of them, and he knows we argue these issues not for conceited self-interest, like he does, but for genuine concern for our fellow man. He's taking advantage of that by playing naive.

    If he has any legitimate questions he can seek them out, or if he comes up with a good discussion issue here, I'll talk about it on my blog and cross-link it in the comments section here.

    But I'm done arguing at a brick wall where the only ears to hear are crude zealots and people who have always agreed with me.

    So instead I'll talk about more poignant issues here. Like why would an old man living alone in New Jersey invent a persona of a former US Marine living in Rome with a wife and children?

    Honestly it makes Muddy look sane.