Sunday, March 15, 2009

Call the Orkin Man

I found this video on the wonderful site called Urantian Sojourn. The post was all about lies and keeping pests out. I dedicate it to Weer'd Beard. But please realize this is not me talking to him, it's the other way around.

Public Liars— and the stinking lies they tell— must be met with the full force of righteous indignation, public exposure, and condemnation of the full extent of their moral hypocrisy. And always— when appropriate— prosecution and even extermination— to the full extent of our laws as a people and as a nation. True reality deserves nothing less.


  1. I think everybody knows you're a liar Mike (tho some may be willing to lie about that).

    I don't agree with the extermination bit, you have a right to be a deceitful asshole all you want.

    You also have a right to link my blog in your posts, and in your sidebar.

    I feel that I have moral issues with accepting traffic from your site, so I'll ask you to remove the links at your soonest convenience.

  2. Could you remove the link from the Blog post as well?

  3. Weerd- no need to remove the links because no one ever goes there. Lord knows, I never have. The nonsense you post here gives me no reason for reading an entire blog-worth of your pap.

  4. You're right muddy, you Blog traffic puts me at AWE!


    Man that's my biggest laugh of the morning.

    It gets even funnier when I read your childish scrawl, and it turns out that rather than the 20-something under-employed liberal troll I took you to be, instead you're a mentally ill senior citizen!

  5. Weer'd, I removed the link. I respect your high moral standard and how you wouldn't want to compromise that standard by receiving traffic from my blog. Heavens.

    Just, please don't ask me to go back through the previous posts looking for times I linked to you and do the same. That's too much of a pain in the ass and I'm only willing to humor you so far.

    Meanwhile, you're perfectly welcome to keep coming here, and I would gladly take a link from your site any time.

  6. Thanks Mike. And no need to wipe anymore. I approved of those links back when I was niave of your sinister and amoral plans. You can't erase the past.