Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama's Health Care and the Death Panels

Finally I've seen something which helps me understand this debate. (via One Utah)

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  1. it is a battle for the 2.5 trillion health care market. The dems at least most of them are trying to offer hope to the uninsured and people who do not have access to the for profit health care system in the US. While the republicans are injecting fear into the debate at the bequest of the insurance and medical industrial interests who may lose some money in the process. Death panels are just another smoke and mirror tactic. Why don't americans demand the same health care that their elected leaders get? Mike as someone who lives in Italy familiar with state provided health care, any thoughts on the matter????

  2. The country MikeB lives in is run by the mafia.

    No question there. wouldn't you agree MikeB?
    I mean, my conjecture should be taken as fact, right?

    All americans should receive the same bennies as all those Dons in Rome.


    Organized crime should set the standard for us all.

    By the way. your statement that shotguns weren't accurate was very entertaining.

    Keep posting please. Your sheer and utter ignorance does more to help the NRA than all of us put together.

  3. Well, I can tell you my personal experience here in Italy. My mother-in-law had her thyroid removed. It went well and cost us nothing. My boy needed a little operation when he was 6-months-old, same thing. In addition we've been to emergency rooms for the usual stuff, kids getting stitched up, I broke my arm once. No questions asked, almost literally. You fill out a form and sign, that's it.

    The downside is you take a chance in getting a decent doctor who knows what he's doing. We've been lucky in that regard.

    I'm not sure how that compares to the States, but no one's complaining around here.

    Another example comes to mind. A friend of mine died last year at 80 years of age. The last two years he was in a state-run rest home which was quite decent. The cost was minimal, I think they took a percentage of his pension.

  4. Kaveman, if you agree that Italy is run or at least influenced by the mafia. don't you agree it is wrong for us leaders and the pentagon to be supporting Italy with billions of dollars a year in U.S. taxes in the over 40 U.S. military bases in Italy?