Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jon Stewart on the Gun-Carrying Protesters

Jon Stewart is always funny, but this clip also includes some interesting comparisons to the Bush Administration. Via The Gun Guys.

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  1. The only man I watch in the weapons of mass distraction media. Probaly one of the reasons he is the most trusted man in news.......

  2. @il principe - You don't watch Colbert?

  3. on occasion I see a web posting of a colbert or a daily show segment, but living in a foreign country I do not watch tv anymore.
    After downloading Itune tv shows commercial free and watching web episodes of tv shows like stewart and colbert, I don't understand how people still watch tv. Guess they feel like the tv is an essential part of their life.

  4. I like Colbert and Stewart and Olbermann, but I also enjoy watching those other characters. Beck and O'Rielly and old Rush boy are endlessly fascinating.