Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Jon Stewart

Gawker posted a wonderful breakdown of the interview of Jon Stewart by Bill O'Reilly. I believe when Jon Stewart gets serious he's more than just a worthy opponent for the likes of O'Reilly. What do you think?


  1. Stewart's politics don't appeal to me (as you may have guessed), but he's very clearly an extremely bright guy, and I have to respect his apparent total inability to back down to anyone.

  2. 'More than a worthy opponent' doesn't quite get it. How about kick-ass!

  3. He is not intimidated by the bright lights and the home turf situation that O'Reilly plays to his advantage when he interviews his guests. Like Stewart said in an interview on CNN's Crossfire, he is not going to be the news shows monkey and dance the way they want him to dance.
    The key to average Americans having their own interests represented in Washington instead of the interests of the banks, health care industry, and defense industry is to vote for a third political party that will represent thier interests.
    I watched the video on Hulu. Thought he did a great job at talking with a Republican Party spin docotr and not dancing to his tune. I do the same thing by not watching all the news shows you like to post on your blog.
    The cable news outlets is a big part of the problem. The Internet is the great equalizer. just my two cents worth.