Thursday, February 11, 2010

Liberal Viewer on The Tea Parties


  1. Mike- the people who claim to be a part of this movement remind me of my mother's Thursday supper- hash. She would hook a meat grinder to the countertop and then rummage through the refrigerator for the leftovers from the week. In would go Sunday's pork roast, the chicken from Monday, even Tuesday's spaghetti and Wednesday's casserole- all ground to a fine paste and into a baking dish.

    With enough ketchup, it was eatable, but there was no exact, distinguishing flavor, which is what I often say of people on the far-right side of the political spectrum.

    Just like a travelling carnival show- dogs, ponies, and a whole lot of bull shit!

  2. mud rake:

    It's elephant shit, actually. Elephant shit and LOTS of snake oil.