Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea Party Extremists

The New York Times published an article on the Tea Party Movement. Thanks for the link, George.

These people are part of a significant undercurrent within the Tea Party movement that has less in common with the Republican Party than with the Patriot movement, a brand of politics historically associated with libertarians, militia groups, anti-immigration advocates and those who argue for the abolition of the Federal Reserve.

The lengthy article goes on to describe in great detail the divide which is ever deepening in America. What's your opinion? Are these Tea Party enthusiasts simply fringe lunatics who were desperate for a cause or are they to be taken seriously? If the latter, does that mean, as one person was quoted in the article, the possibility exists of “another civil war?” Is it fair to describe the country like this: "Basic freedoms are threatened. Economic collapse, food shortages and civil unrest all seem imminent?"

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  1. Funny that they are now "fringe". If they are fringe and insignificant, then why are both Republicans and Democrats worried so much about them?

    From the news coverage I saw, they are just conservatives. Since there is no longer any major party that is conservative based, they simply have no were else to go.