Friday, March 19, 2010

Jesse Ventura on the Polarization of America

Thanks to Apocalyptics Anonymous II for the video. Jesse very succinctly describes the tremendous polarization which has taken place, stating that he doubts if anything can be accomplished as a result. Do you think there's a growing percentage in both camps that is fed up and ready for something different?


  1. We can argue until the end of the world about which party's fault our nation's problems were caused by. However, no matter what piece of legislation, no matter what war, no matter what scandal, whatever, the one thing we can always agree on was that there were Democrats and Republicans in office when it happened.

    You want to see true bipartisan work? Then set them onto a third party and they will work together hand in hand every time against it.

  2. As I wrote about a few weeks, the poliitcal polariization mirrors the economic polarization in America. For the richest country in the world, there sure is a lot of poverty and misery to go around.