Monday, March 15, 2010

More Texas Justice reports on the latest law-and-order initiative in the Lone Star State.

Texas jury jails man 35 years for marijuana possession | Raw Story: "For being caught with just over a quarter pound of pot, 54-year-old Henry Walter Wooten will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, thanks to a jury in Tyler, Texas.

His prosecutor, Smith County Assistant District Attorney Richard Vance, originally sought a sentence of 99 years over the 4.6 ounces of marijuana police found in Wooten's vehicle, according to published reports."

Texas (except for the 14th Congressional District) please hurray up and leave the Union.
What do you think? Is there any excuse for this?

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  1. I love how the DA wanted to give him 99 years.

  2. "What do you think? Is there any excuse for this?"

    Not really.

    JadeGold answer: It is racist. We all know that white supremacists hover around Cannabis Shows.

  3. Interesting, one could shoot sombody and serve less time.

    Consentual (or victimless) crimes need to be done away with.
    So long as we are punished more harshly for hurting no-one, Order will escape our grasp.

  4. You need the War on (Some) Drugs, Mikeb. Without it, violent crime would plummet, and any hope you have of making U.S. gun laws yet more oppressive than they are now would vanish.

  5. Yes, indeed, order is escaping our grasp.