Monday, March 15, 2010

Georgia Guns Going to California reports on the other "iron pipeline."

ATLANTA—Four people have been sentenced in federal court in Atlanta for their roles in a gun trafficking ring that operated in Georgia and California.

U.S. Attorney Sally Yates on Friday announced the sentencing of 26-year-old Jeffrey Martin Colon Moore, his girlfriend 26-year-old Crystal Davis, her father 56-year-old Danny Bill Davis, all of Canton, Ga., and 36-year-old Alexander Quinn of Oakland, Calif.

Prosecutors say Moore recruited the Davises to buy at least 65 guns at dealers and gun shows in the Atlanta area. He then shipped the guns to Quinn.

Yates says several guns sold in this case were recovered in the San Francisco area in the possession of convicted criminals.

Moore and Quinn were both sentenced to jail to be followed by probation, while the Davises were sentenced to home confinement followed by probation.

I guess that explains why the strict gun laws in California don't seem to work very well. It also clearly points to the solution.

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  1. "I guess that explains why the strict gun laws in California don't seem to work very well. It also clearly points to the solution."

    Sure, the old "gun control doesn't work here so lets try it somewhere else" solution.

    Gun control fails time and again because criminals break laws. Look at the number of guns possessed illegally in Great Britain. Where would you impose their gun control next to solve their problem? France?

  2. Mikeb says:

    It also clearly points to the solution.

    On that, we agree. The solution, obviously, is to relax California's oppressive gun laws, so that "gun running" isn't necessary to serve the market.

  3. You know, the best way to stop guns from flowing from my state to California, allow the folks have those guns instead of banning them.

  4. What is the problem here? Straw purchases are illegal, as is interstate firearms shipping. Presumably there was a prohibited person in the mix, which is also illegal. These guys were busted and going to jail. What "solution" of more gun control is needed here?


  5. Well, Zorro and Conservative Scalawag have come up with ONE way to fix the problem. I actually had something else in mind.

    Thanks for coming by, CS.