Saturday, May 8, 2010

Austin Police Officer Fired

The Houston Chronicle reports.

AUSTIN, Texas — An Austin police officer who fatally shot a man in 2009 has been fired after being arrested in January for alleged drunken driving.

Police Chief Art Acevedo on Thursday fired Quintana, who in May 2009 fatally shot Nathaniel Sanders II.

A grand jury declined to indict Quintana. Sanders had been sleeping in a car that police were investigating as possibly being used in crimes.

A disciplinary memo says Quintana went out Jan. 11 and drank alcohol, then drove to Leander. A 911 call about a traffic accident led to his arrest.

Quintana's arrest came hours after he was questioned as part of a federal civil rights lawsuit into the fatal shooting.

I'm not sure if I understood it correctly, but I think they said he shot and killed a guy who was sleeping in his car, and the "grand jury declined to indict." Well, that certainly sounds like Texas and it certainly sounds like how they treat cops, not just in Texas, but other places too.

Then, I guess the bosses just had enough with his drinking and finally fired him.

What I'm wondering is this: will he now be just another unfit Texas gun owner with a drinking problem? If they didn't indict him for the shooting and he lost his job for the DWI, he should still be entitled to his sacred 2nd Amendment rights, don't you think?

I guess what it boils down to is he'll not take his place among the Famous 10%, until, of course, he does something else stupid enough to be classified as an out and out criminal.

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  1. Yet all those Starbucks protestors feel perfectly safe as long as the guy with the gun wears blue.