Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sebastian on Outing the Opponents

I made a critical comment over on Sebastian's blog the other day, which I must admit was fairly well received. For some reason four or five of my most vicious detractors stayed out of it. Part of my remark, the gist of it really was this.
Thirdpower discovered this dirty secret about Josh Horwitz, just like that famous case with John Lott and his female alias. I say, “so what – who cares?”. What a waste of time for Thirdpower and what a waste of time for you Sebastian. Talk about getting off the topic, this whole topic is off the topic. This is immediate personal attack, nothing else.
FishyJay made an interesting follow-up comment.

I have not seen MikeB say “so what – who cares?” about the John Lott case when it comes up on his blog, but now I expect Mikeb do so in the future.

I guess that's a fair point, but unless I actively condoned the outing of poor John Lott in some way, it does not disprove my claim that I say, "so what - who cares."

In another post, Sebastian took up the idea for further clarification. Basically he laid out a description of the difference between attacking someone's political existence and his personal existence. I don't find the explanation very convincing. How about you?

Do you think this is all about personal attacks or is it like Sebastian says, some of it is political or professional and therefore in bounds?


  1. There is a profound difference.

    First, I don't know if Grits Jr is or isn't Josh Horowitz. Frankly, I don't know or care who Josh Horowitz is.

    But let's remember what John Lott did. First, he posted exuberantly worshipful reviews of his own book on Amazon under the name 'Mary Rosh.' Second, he posted on various forums about what a great professor John Lott was. Third, 'Mary Rosh' then posted her 'own' accounts of being a woman and needing a gun.

    For someone to post under a pseudonym is not sockpuppetry. Sockpuppetry only occurs when you post under a handle and try to bolster or praise your real-life identity.

    Additionally, Thirdpower has really no room to talk about sockpuppetry.


  2. FatWhiteMan is wise.

    --Jade Gold

    Is that sockpuppetry?

  3. BTW, Sebastian really hasn't much room to talk on this issue.

    I can recall a discussion on "smart guns" where Sebastian tried to end the discussion by claiming he held a degree he does not indeed hold.


  4. JadeGold: "Sockpuppetry only occurs when you post under a handle and try to bolster or praise your real-life identity."

    Grits Jr, on alter-ego Horowitz's article:

    Very interesting piece, and spot-on.

    Posted by: gritsjr | October 6, 2009 1:35 PM

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  6. RuffRidr, Maybe you missed it, but I did comment over there, and frequently do.

  7. Mikeb, I think you're the greatest. I like everything you say and I'll bet you're really good looking too.

    (I posted this on the wrong thread yesterday)

  8. Jadegold continually tried to "out" me (and has a history of such behavior) yet you're buddy-buddy with him and allow his drivel on your site.

    What happened to "shared responsibility" MikeB?

    Oh right, your bullshit theories and standards only apply to gun owners, not criminals like yourself.