Friday, June 4, 2010

Armed Woman Prevents Daughter's Rape reports on a nice clean DGU. Not even I could turn this one into an argument for gun control.

A Cape Girardeau mother with a gun is being credited with stopping the attempted rape of her daughter. The Southeast Missourian reported Wednesday that Craig Kizer, 51, faces a variety of charges, including attempted rape, armed criminal action and burglary. He has no known address. Police say Kizer had been working on the family's home as part of a renovation project but was not staying there. The teen was in bed around 5:30 a.m. Sunday when Kizer came into her room with a knife and climbed on top of her. When he set the knife down on the bed, the teen grabbed it and screamed. The girl's mother came into the room with a gun, pointed it at the suspect and ordered him out of the house. Police later arrested him.

Beautiful! Clean! No one was hurt.

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  1. I think you would have had the daughter raped and murdered, and the mother the same, and never once would allow yourself to think "What if one of the good guys had a gun".

  2. she should have pulled the trigger and reloaded

  3. Are guns still bad for women, Mike?
    Can you imagine what would have happened we lived under your fantasy laws?
    What weapon would your laws have left this woman with? A rape-whistle?

    Remember: "God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal"