Monday, June 14, 2010

Rand Paul at the Louisville Gun Show

I'm always a bit skeptical when politicians, especially campaigning politicians say something. When he spoke about being ever vigilant about our 2nd Amendment rights, did he seem sincere to you? Does his past record support that?

When firing that weapon, more footage of which is on this video, did you think his stance was correct? Did he appear to be leaning back too much, placing too much weight on his back leg?

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  1. As many of us are no doubt aware, Rand Paul got into trouble for reiterating the libertarian principle that private businesses have the right to serve or refuse to serve whomever they wish, regardless of civil rights laws.
    Not as widely known is that such principles are also in opposition to NRA goals.

    Ther NRA favors CCW laws that permit armed customers to enter private businesses, which would be barred from excluding such customers and from posting signs to that effect. Despite libertarian support for gun rights, many strict libertarians are in conflict with the NRA on this issue.

  2. The first time I heard of Rand Paul was when he gave a speech at Knob Creek.

    Any politician with the nerve to show up at Knob Creek is pretty sincere about their support of the 2nd Amendment. You'll never see the likes of Joe Biden or other Second Amendment pretenders there.