Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pigeon Shoots in Pennsylvania

The Courier Times ran a story about something I'd never even heard of, pigeon shoots.

A court-appointed Humane Society officer from Dauphin County filed an animal cruelty citation Thursday against Philadelphia Gun Club in Bensalem.

Johnna Seeton of the Pennsylvania Legislative Animal Network said she believes pigeon shoots at the Philadelphia Gun Club violate state animal cruelty laws. Yet pigeon shoots are legal in Pennsylvania.

Yeah, they're legal in PA, and only in PA, according to the following video. I see Sebastian has given his carefully nuanced support of this ugly business too, with his usual qualifiers like "not a big supporter of, but..." He also says Pennsylvania is not the only state that allows this. "The animal rights folks are lying in order to embarrass us on that count." Well, I'll agree with the embarrassing part.

What's your opinion? Does that video give a false impression of hunting and shooting folks? Please leave a comment.


  1. Pigeon shooting was a sport of Kings long before anyone thought to make one out of clay and paint it orange and before someone thought it would be a good idea to settle what would become the keystone state for that matter.

    Incidentally, that group, PLAN, are one of those anti-hunting nutjob groups connected with the Humane Society of The United States, another animal loon group. (Not to be confused with The Humane Society that operates animal shelters all across the country and do really good work caring for animals).

  2. Pigeons are nothing more than flying rats that spread filth and disease. They ruin buildings, cars, and sidewalks with their feces.

    I don't care for them any more than I care for the average lab rat. If someone wants to shoot some, have at it. I just ask that you shoot the ones that are actually pests. I know that whenever I see one on my property, I promptly dispatch it.

  3. But fellas, how about the kids depicted in the video? Wasn't that healthy wholesome stuff?

  4. Don't speak like that about Lab rats. At least they have a use!

    Pigeons being shot from traps is their peak usefulness.