Friday, July 8, 2011

The Bush Legacy

5) The wars,
4) The imperial Presidency,
3) The national debt,
2) The Roberts/Alito court,

and the number 1 worst thing that George Bush gave to America….

Bush’s ultimate triumph was forcing the bleak, GOP worldview on our historically boisterously optimistic country.
Here is the BBC on that topic, but there are plenty of people talking about it. The GOP’s hard-on for a Mad Max outcome to history has always been laughed off by the rest of the country. Not now. We are all empty fin de cycle scarecrows guarding the burned and blasted fields of America’s broken dreams. Thanks Bush!
What do you think? Has Jason about covered it?

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  1. Haven't you whiny bitches moved the fvck on, you better start worrying about the crime being committed in the name of gun control, remember it's not the crime but the coverup!!!!

    Breaking News: Source claims ATF's Tampa SAC walked guns to Honduras

    Breaking News: Source claims ATF's Tampa SAC walked guns to Honduras -

    National gun rights |

  2. Wow, still blaming Bush. Why hasn't the great and wonderful Obama fixed all of those problems? He had nearly 2 full years of all Dems.

    I guess it is easier to blame someone else than to admit your solution turned out to be worthless.

  3. This one's for you, my diabetic brother. I know you'll probably never see it. But it was too good to leave unsaid.

    The Bush presidency more or less destroyed life on Earth as we have always known it. The near trebling of the national debt has stimulated a psychotic and poisonous reaction from the far right. The global depression has destroyed millions of lives across the globe. We are now in a state of near perpetual war with only some faint hope of ever exiting same. The polarization of American politics which had begun with the irrational hatred of the Clintons is now completely out of control. The accumulation of wealth by the few, the conglomeration of the media, the hatred Americans feel for each other? What do you think, you dumb fucking tea partiers? The fact that the election was carefully stolen and then a virtual coup d’etat was staged by the Rhenquist court only adds to the agony.

    We got over the devastation of two world wars, but all kidding aside, things may never really be okay again. Let’s return to the America of Franklin Roosevelt and Fiorello LaGuardia again before it is too late for us and the rest of the world. Think of our grandkids!

  4. Yes, FWM, still blaming Bush.