Friday, July 8, 2011

The NRA is Mentally Ill

It's true.  Whenever you hear the NRA yap about 'safe gun ownership' or 'responsibility'--it's all gas.

NRA supports mentally ill gun use:

PULASKI, Va. — In May 2009, Sam French hit bottom, once again. A relative found him face down in his carport “talking gibberish,” according to court records. He later told medical personnel that he had been conversing with a bear in his backyard and hearing voices. His family figured he had gone off his medication for bipolar disorder, and a judge ordered him involuntarily committed — the fourth time in five years he had been hospitalized by court order.    
Ten months later, he appeared in General District Court — the body that handles small claims and traffic infractions — to ask a judge to restore his gun rights. After a brief hearing, in which Mr. French’s lengthy history of relapses never came up, he walked out with an order reinstating his right to possess firearms.    


  1. Nice. And if he goes off his meds again...? Will there be a newspaper article soon about this guy shooting up the neighborhood, trying to kill imaginary talking bears?

  2. Sorry, they went off half cocked, literally. Mr. French is no longer with us, you see his idiot children gave him his guns back, he apparently borrowed money, went to a hotel room and killed himself.