Friday, July 8, 2011

Michigan Murder Suicide - 8 Dead

A gunman opened fire in two Michigan homes Thursday, killing his daughter, ex-girlfriend and five other people before leading police on a high-speed chase and taking hostages inside a stranger's home.

Well, I guess that puts an end to the fat-white-guy myth, huh? Or, do you think this is a bit of an exception to the rule? Or, better yet, do you think we shouldn't generalize at all?

This guy was an ex-con, who obvioulsy had no business with ia gun. The pro-gun folks will tell you this has nothing to do with them. I don't buy it. It's their policies and their lax and non-existent gun laws that make it too easy for guys like Rodrick Shonte Dantzler to get guns.

Let's not forget that there is no criminal source of guns. They start out as the legitimate property of lawful gun owners. When they somehow end up in the hands of killers like this, those same lawful gun owners throw up their hands in feigned horror and insist they have nothing to do with it.

Gun control laws aimed at those lawful gun owners could stop gun flow into the criminal world which right now is like Niagara Falls.  Of course, this would mean a bit of inconvenience for our gun-loving friends.

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  1. MikeB: “Let's not forget that there is no criminal source of guns.”

    You can stick to your “all guns start off legally owned” meme, but once it transfers into the criminal world, it is now a criminal source of guns. The guy who hands you a revolver in a brown paper bag on the porch of Del Taco- is a criminal source of guns.

    MikeB: “They start out as the legitimate property of lawful gun owners.”

    That is because they ARE legitimate property of lawful people. Would you change that?

    All illicit drugs start of illicit because they are illicit property.

  2. TS, Don't you see my point. Illicit drugs like crack don't start out in the pharmacy.

    Guns on the other hand ALL start out legally manufactured and sold. It's the last lawful owner of the gun that needs to be controlled and constrained to do the right thing.