Saturday, July 9, 2011


What sense does this make?

To recap: guy and girl go out one night to "shine" deer. ("Shining" deer is the illegal practice of hunting at night using a car's headlights or some other light source to locate and freeze deer)
Guy claims to mistake girl for a deer, shoots and kills girl.
When picked up by cops, guy is incoherent and stumbling around because of "multiple prescription medicines."
Guy gets 2-1/2 to 5 years in jail which means he'll be out in about 2 years.
For killing someone.

Thanks to the NRA, killing with a firearm has been largely decriminalized.


  1. For killing someone.

    Without premeditation, this sounds like an accident. Probably convicted of manslaughter if the 2-1/2 to 5 years is correct.

    Unlike doing the same deed with a vehicle (driver's license renewed after time served), this guy will not be getting his 2nd amendment rights back.

  2. "Thanks to the NRA, killing with a firearm has been largely decriminalized."

    And thanks to liberals, guys like this will never serve full sentences.

  3. Where are the gun-rights guys when something like this comes up and the only appropriate response is to denounce the behaviour? All we get is silence or justifications like "sounds like an accident." Then of course we can count of the diversion provided by AztecRed, it's the liberals' fault that the sentences are so light. But, who's fault is it that this idiot will someday get his gun rights back?