Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Deleted Comments Of The Day

Wonkette did a blog about the comments they deleted which they describe as "especially full of pure uncut dumb lately."  I really don't find too much intelligent or useful in most comments since they are usually rehashed material which has been shown to be bullshit.

I know you don't like it when I call you lot the, but if the shoe fits, which there is more than enough evidence that it does.

Hell, ignorance is a noble characteristic in the  "reality challenged right", but it's hard dealing with people who refuse to deal with facts.

Although, I did catch couple of comments in passing which I have to address as they bear on the "reality challenged right" title.

Something along the line of "Laci is going to get into a credentials checking mode", which I think was coupled with something along the line of "ad hominem".   This shows the "reality challenged right" characteristic in full force for not understanding the term "ad hominem"--which is attacking the person in a debate rather than the substance of their argument.  In other words, it is dodging that the person making the argument has some grasp of the topic and is making good points.

So, instead of saying that something is a misquotation, misinterpretation, or some other substantive point, one says "you're anti-gun" or "you're a liberal" to dismiss the argument (which is different from saying you're gun loons because of your lack of logic or critical thinking skills when it comes to this topic: insults are different from ad hominems).

That said, some expertise is a good thing.  You wouldn't want a barber being a surgeon (at least not these days) or me telling you how to fix your car.  In short, you wouldn't want someone who has no idea of what they are talking about, no matter how impressive they may sound, giving you advice on a topic. Although, this gets to the logic, critical thinking skills, and  "reality challenged right" since you will make a comment that I have no idea of what I am talking about despite the fact that I pretty much supply my sources, which you could check: if you weren't adverse.

So, if I am not engaging with you it's not out of a sense of superiority or snobbishness as much as it is that I have a hard time dealing with stupid. 

I am also not your teacher: especially since you have shown you are not willing to learn.

And some of you are obviously stupid. 

Definitely ignorant.  Remember ignorance isn't based upon your level of intelligence as much as it is based upon knowledge and how you are able to use that knowledge.

And you definitely have shown you aren't able to think coherently in this issue.

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  1. Within limits of vulgarity. I think you should post all comments and allow the stupidity, dishonesty, and deceptiveness of comments speak for themselves. Replies to those comments should also be posted, or otherwise why post the original comment. If someone lies about my stated position (stated many times) on an issue, it is not an ad hominem attack, or insult to say they have lied, or intentionally misrepresented my position. Most of the issues on this blog are rehashed constantly. At some point you will have nothing to say, yet, the opposition must be shown for the irrationality it is, if we are to progress to saving lives.

    1. I think the "deleted comment" mentioned in this post is on the Wonkette site. Here I allow almost everything, often for the very reason you say, to show what idiots the gun rights fanatics really are.