Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Old Car Comparison Just Isn't Working Like it Used To


  1. The money for this campaign would be better spent addressing suicide prevention techniques. Washington seems to rank higher than the national average with 80% of firearm deaths during the period listed being listed.
    The number of homicides per year has dropped since 1999 and the number suicides by firearm has risen. Of course, there don't seem to be any figures quoted as to how many of the suicides were committed by prohibited persons. So we cant really know how many would have been prevented by an NICS background check.

    1. So if it's a suicide it doesn't matter?

    2. Proper gun control plus a strict one-strike-you're-out policy would save many lives. You have to believe that unless, like TS, you think every single suicide and every single homicide would have been done with other means.

    3. "So if it's a suicide it doesn't matter?"

      Never said that Anon, However, throwing the same solution (background checks) at different problems doesn't make sense.

    4. I have never said background checks is the solution, and anyone who believes one step is a total solution to the problem is uneducated in the problem, or being deceitful. You seem to think that because background checks won't solve the total problem it is not worth using as a tool to help curb gun problems. By that thinking we should eliminate speeding laws because we still have speeding violations.

    5. Throwing the solution of background checks certainly is the solution to gun suicides, especially if we get the medical reporting sorted out.