Saturday, August 23, 2014

You've got to be kidding...

OK, I have strong Pennsylvania German heritage from my mom's side and have been around the Amish for as long as I can remember.

This is silly:

It is a picture from the Discovery Channel's (US) Amish Mafia.

Raumspringa jokes aside.

This is bullshit.  People who know the Amish more than I do about them than I do are irate about this show.   The Amish are fairly tight, but they aren't totally closed off from society (just go to Reading Terminal).

People who know the Amish point out that this violent picture is about as antithetical as you can get to their culture.  They point out how the Amish handled the West Nickel Mines Amish School shooting and how they forgave the killer and his family.

Then, there is the reaction of the Amish to this as well:
It's not clear how the Amish themselves view the brouhaha. One, a man named Jake who asked only to be identified by his first name, said he had not seen the show and had no desire to.

"I know it's not legit. I was kinda on the sidelines cheering it would go away faster than it came," he said. Jake said he appreciated the rising opposition against the show. Given the opportunity to watch a neighbor's television, he said he'd prefer to peek at a football game. "An Eagles game - all the boys love that," he said.

Come on Discovery Channel, go back to things that educate people rather than titillate them.  This is titillation: not education.

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  1. One of my buddies in NYC was a deranged free range Amish kid...He was one of the funniest, but most dangerous persons I have ever considered a true friend. He wanted to be a comedian, but destroyed his career by repeatedly being ejected from Comedy Clubs for threatening the audience with what appeared to be a real gun. A truly talented artist, off and on crack head...the last time I saw him he was roller skating in manic traffic on 6th Ave around 10th Street in NYC...I was on my bike, he had a helmet on with a video camera and mike and a lighting system he had invented and was doing an interactive video of himself assaulting cars...He interviewed me as I tried to keep up with him...Yentzl, my friend, I hope you are still alive! On the other hand, I lived in the East Village for many years and had many transvestite would or might not be shocked by how many of them were nice Amish and Mormon boys who had gone "free range"........

  2. I thought the Amish didn't use buttons.

    These guys are wearing clothes with buttons.

    They're mock-Amish.

  3. The show would be nothing if it were about Amish farming. It's the guns and the violence that brings the viewers.