Saturday, January 31, 2015

Texas Bill Would Allow Teachers to Use Deadly Force Against Students

Fox News

A proposed bill would allow teachers in Texas to use deadly force against students and be protected from any kind of prosecution.

The Teacher’s Protection Act would allow these teachers to use force against students or anyone else on school grounds if they feel threatened. Educators would avoid prosecution for “injury or death that results from the educator’s use of deadly force” under the new legislation.

Texas law already protects teachers from disciplinary measures if they use reasonable force against a student. The law proposed by Republican Rep. Dan Flynn would allow deadly force.

Association of Texas Professional Educators managing attorney Paul Tapp told the Houston Chronicle that teachers in the state already have some legal protections that allow them to use force under reasonable circumstances.

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  1. As we have learned, someones interpretation of "feeling threatened" not only differs from person to person, but often doesn't meet legal definitions. It's a little late for legal definitions AFTER a child is dead. Of course this law ASSumes that every teacher is capable of using a gun and defining when deadly force should be used. Teachers get prosecuted all the time for misuse of physical force and abuse of children.