Sunday, February 8, 2015

Georgia Domestic Shooting - 5 Dead, 2 Wounded

Huffington Post

A man shot six people Saturday afternoon, killing four of them, including his ex-wife and several children before turning the gun on himself on a quiet, suburban street west of Atlanta, police and neighbors said.


  1. Again, how did he get a gun? Was he a legal buyer of the gun?

  2. Here is another example of how murder laws don't work Mike. The law didn't prevent this crime did it, didn't protect the victims did it.

    Mike you can never say how many lives are saved with laws. But you can damn sure count with 100% accuracy how many the laws didn't save.

    1. I guess you really do think these killers should go free, WOW.

    2. Sammy, your a total idiot!

    3. Gunny, you are a gun loon, lying, kill happy jackass.
      You should be able to understand that it's the insult language you understand.