Friday, February 13, 2015

LAPD Officer Shoots Teen Standing Next To Someone Holding Replica Gun

Huffington Post

Authorities say a Los Angeles police officer shot and wounded a 15-year-old boy in the back after spotting him in an alley standing near someone holding what appeared to be a gun.

Sgt. Frank Preciado said early Thursday that what the officer thought was a weapon turned out to be a replica handgun.

The boy was transported to a hospital and released to his mother the same day.

Two officers spotted a teenager pointing what they thought was a gun at another person Tuesday morning.

Preciado says officers ordered the boy to drop the weapon. When he didn't comply, one of the officers opened fire.

The teen holding the replica weapon wasn't hurt, but the boy standing next to him was struck.

No arrests have been made.


  1. dangerous lawful gun owners

    Don't forget to call the cop a "dangerous Obama voter." We don't know if he's one of those, either, after all.

  2. I'm sure the kill happy gun loons sanction this killing also.

    1. I don't see where anyone was killed in this story. Are you referring to something else?

    2. He shot the wrong guy. The fact that no one was killed makes it ok?

  3. Oh gee, a gun, just open fire! negligent cop.