Saturday, February 14, 2015

Texan Pig Farmer vs. His Muslim Neighbors

What does this remind you of?  Answer.


  1. Ah, so the Islamic group for some reason insulted the farmer in the public forum of a town meeting and it's the farmer's fault. With a little luck, after a time things will calm down and the races will likely stop once the point has been made.
    There's a little town just north of me that holds pig races, though they predate the war on terror. Not my thing, but whatever passes for fun. Constantly amazes me at times what Fox or other news sources find "newsworthy" enough to make national news.

    "When an Islamic group moved in next door and told Craig Baker the pigs on his family's 200-year-old Texas farm had to go, he and his swine decided to fight back.
    In protest of being asked to move, Davis began staging elaborate pig races on Friday afternoons — one of the Islamic world's most holy days.
    Craig's neighbors, the Katy Islamic Association, have plans to build a mosque and community compound on the 11 acres they purchased alongside his farm.
    Baker, 46, a stone-shop owner whose family has owned the farm for two centuries, says the association knew about the pigs when they bought the property, and it's not fair for them to ask him to get rid of the animals.
    "I am just defending my rights and my property," Baker said. "They totally disrespected me and my family."
    Initially Baker and Kamel Fotouh, the president of the 500-member Islamic Association, were on good terms. But things turned sour at a town meeting, where Baker says Fotouh insulted him by asking him to move.
    "That was the last straw for me ... calling me a liar, especially in front of three or four hundred people at that meeting," Baker said. "Mr. Fotouh said it would be a good idea if I considered packing up my stuff and moving out further to the country."
    Fotouh says his group has to construct the mosque because the others in the Houston area don't provide the kind of environment they are looking for.
    "We feel that these mosques are not fulfilling the needs of the community as they should. So, our vision is to have an integrated facility," said Fotouh.
    He said the pig races no longer bother him or his members, and they're going ahead with their plans to construct the mosque.
    Muslims do not hate pigs, he added, they just don't eat them."

  2. If one buys property in a neighborhood that one finds unpleasant, who is to blame? The poor, persecuted adherents of the Religion of Peace knew the pork farm was there when they bought it--they just apparently assumed they could bully the farmer into leaving. They were mistaken, and are now apparently butt-hurt about it.


    Bacon Akbar, assholes.

    1. Kurt, Bacon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

    2. Kurt, Bacon is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

      That's almost enough to make me get religion.

  3. Way out on a limb here...

    This Muslim Recreational Center is all about making money. Big fees, membership dues, concessions, et cetera. I'm for the farmer. Who the hell does this spoiled, rich, overgrown brat think that he is?

    This is America. You don't just force your will on other people.

    Pig races are fun. They are a staple of the San Diego County Fair. (Formerly known as the Del Mar Fair.)

  4. I detest pig farming almost as much as I detest gun fetishism, but this story really does make the new neighbors look bad.

    1. Mike just wondering why do you detest pig farming? prosciutto for you I take it

    2. I detest pig farming almost as much as I detest gun fetishism . . .

      Aren't you a busy little hater? Anything else? The Boston Red Sox, the letter "L," perhaps? Oh, and "gun fetishism"? The closest I've come to seeing that was when Sammy asked for an "S&M gun."

      . . . but this story really does make the new neighbors look bad.

      Is the bad behavior of the new neighbors what made this seem familiar?


    3. Mike, you can pry my pancetta from my cold dead hands. Molon Labe!

    4. George,

      Mike's a vegetarian, so at least he has a consistent application of his anti-hunting principles unlike some people I've heard talk bad about hunting for meat while eating cheeseburgers.


      While I respect your having a consistent position on meat, I must echo TS's sentiments--Bacon gu brath!

      Side note, if God didn't intend us to eat them, why'd he make pigs so tasty?

    5. This case seems pretty clear. The gun range one not so much. The one did remind me of the other, though.

    6. I'm curious as to where you see the difference, Mike.

      I'd say that in so far as your statements that the gun range should have to move after residences move in next door, the issues are analogous.

      As for the possibility of stray bullets, that would be analogous to the pigs getting out and running amok around the mosque (talking about some of the basic issues of nuisance, liability for damage, etc. Not the potential severity of damage to property and, more importantly, life--issues where stray bullets would outweigh the other unless these were particularly nasty and aggressive pigs.)

    7. Pigs running amok is not comparable to a bullet in the head, which is what the other story was about.

    8. Why do you have to be contrary and argue against everything? I said I was talking about the basic issues--e.g. you have a duty to keep x on your property, you failed, it caused damage, you have liability, and if this happens enough you may qualify as a nuisance to be removed. If this is wrong, show that it is.

      I also said that I wasn't making an analogy between the potential severity of harm in either case since stray bullets were likely to be more dangerous than rampaging pigs. Again, I'm wondering where you see the breakdown in what I said.