Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gun-rights Advocate’s Rosa Parks Comparison is Deplorable

Local News

I can’t believe that the Post-Gazette would use valuable space writing a huge article talking up someone like Kim Stolfer (“Gun-Rights Advocate Kim Stolfer a Powerful Force in Harrisburg,” March 15). And you couldn’t have picked a worse time to sing his praises.

As an African-American woman who lost her son, Jamar Hawkins, to an illegal gun in November 2013 and as a lifetime resident of Homewood and Penn Hills, I am sickened by Mr. Stolfer and his organization. His “all guns, all the time” agenda is bad enough, but recently he had the nerve to say that a gun-rights rally over an ordinance in Lower Merion, Pa., was “a Rosa Parks moment.”
That’s not just the wrong thing to say — it’s just wrong.

The last I checked, Mr. Stolfer has never been denied access to a seat on the bus, access to a public restroom, access to a job or access to a vote because of his skin color. And I can’t believe that he or anyone he knows has lost his life because some town didn’t want him to fire or to carry his gun in a park.

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