Friday, April 3, 2015

Kansas Gov. Signs Bill Abolishing Concealed Permit Requirement

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback
Kansas Governor Sam Brownback


On April 2 2015, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (R) signed SB 45, abolishing the need for a concealed carry permit in order to carry a concealed handgun in the state. 

This means Kansas joins Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, and Wyoming in doing away with concealed carry permit requirements and also joins Montana, which has done away with a concealed permit requirement outside of city limits in that state.

The Kansas City Star reports that the new law will go into effect on July 1.

Kansas will continue to offer concealed carry permit courses and licenses for those who want to get them in order to enjoy reciprocity with the 36 other states that recognize Kansas licenses, but no license will be necessary in order to carry inside Kansas’s borders.

When signing the bill, Brownback talked of how “carrying a gun is a constitutional right” and added, “We’re saying if you want to do that in this state, then you don’t have to get a permission slip from the government.”


  1. Now that's what I call commonsense and honesty!

  2. And another step in the general move towards more individual freedoms. Anyone know offhand how many more states currently have Constitutional carry bills in the legislative process?

  3. There certainly is movement in that direction. The good part is it will become clearer and clearer if this is good or bad.

  4. As gun laws get loser why haven't gun shot death numbers gone down?

    1. "As gun laws get loser why haven't gun shot death numbers gone down?"

      The death rate for homicides and accidental deaths by firearms have both gone down. However, the firearm death rate for suicide has increased. And laws regarding carrying in public likely don't have much of an effect on suicide.
      I'd invite you to look at the numbers yourself on the CDC website.