Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ben Carson Panders to NRA-Sounds Retarded

Sooo...GOP hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson got hisself edumacated by the NRA on guns.  Take it away Uncle Ben:
Actually, as I’ve stated, that was expressed with the wrong emphasis. Because I don’t have any problem with any American having any weapon that they can legally have, that’s what the Second Amendment is for and that’s what it talks about. What I was referring to all the carnage I’ve seen and all the operating that I’ve seen that’s been caused by those weapons falling in the wrong hands. But I subsequently had multiple conversations with the NRA leadership and a lot of people who knew a lot more about it than I did and I tried to make it very clear to people that the second amendment is there for a very important reason.
Number one, to make sure that the citizens could assist the military in case of invasion, and to think that that is farfetched, all you have to do is go to the Middle East and see some of the things that are happening there. I have a friend who is a missionary doctor, called me two weeks ago quite distressed, he was over in Iraq, went back to one of the villages that they had helped in before and it was desolate, ISIS had gotten there before them, killed all the men, taken the women captive, I mean, if those people had the ability to defend themselves maybe that wouldn’t have happened. To think that we are completely isolated from that I think is silly, particularly knowing that there are cells in this country right now.
But the most important reason for the Second Amendment is so that our people could protect themselves in case our government went off the rails and started thinking it could dominate the people. You know, we think that that is farfetched but you know you look at what has happened historically to nations where the government did become tyrannical and what did they do first? Get rid of people’s guns. Get rid of people’s guns rights. It was Thomas Hobbes, the English philosopher of the 17th century when talking about tyranny in Europe, he said it would never occur in America because American citizens have guns and they won’t let it happen. 

Couple of problems here.   First, Iraq was and is awash in guns.  Even during the nearly four decades of Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, an Iraqi citizen could purchase and possess as many firearms as they could buy--even fully automatic weapons.

Second, Thomas Hobbes.  Was he time-traveler?  Considering Hobbes died in 1679 - how did he know so much about America?

Third, Hobbes again.  Hobbes was a big, big proponent of absolute monarchy.  As such, all monarchies really dislike the idea of popular rebellion.


  1. I never figured you for a racist Jade but your use of "Uncle Ben" has caused me to rethink that

    Also your offensive and demeaning use of the no longer socially acceptable term "Retarded" shows your lack of compassion and empathy for those and their family's who struggle with developmental issues....shame on you

    1. Is that all you have to say about it? Why don't you address the issues raised instead of offering petty criticisms aimed at Jadegold (personal attacks)?

    2. Jades insensitive racial remarks are the issue in this thread Mike and for you as the guy who regularly calls people racist including myself with far less evidence than Jade has provided here to now be trying to steer others in a different direction in order to try protect your coblogger from their own statements is hypocritical and disgraceful....shame on you Mike...different rules for different people right Mike

    3. The topic of this post was expressed in the title, "Ben Carson Panders to NRA." You're the one who diverted the attention into another direction, all to make your personal attacks.

  2. Sounds like Dr. Carson is ready for a healthcare companion. I think it's time to hand over the keys.