Saturday, May 2, 2015

Atlanta Woman Shot Dead by Police in a Gunfight Inside the Patrol Car

NBC News

A female suspect was fatally shot by Atlanta police after exchanging gunfire with two officers — from the back of their patrol car, which was across from the precinct, police said Thursday. 

The two male officers were investigating reports of a stolen car Thursday evening when they found the suspect in the missing vehicle at a parking deck across from a police precinct in downtown Atlanta, Police Spokesman Sgt. Gregory Lyon told NBC News. 

The suspect — later identified as 25-year-old Alexia Christian — was detained and placed in back of a patrol car, where she pulled out a handgun and shot at the officers twice, according to NBC affiliate WXIA. The officers returned fire and struck the suspect. 

Christian was taken to a local hospital where she died of her injuries.

Lyon said it was too early in the investigation to definitively say what happened, but he did note that sometimes male officers don't do comprehensive pat-downs on female suspects — and he didn't know where the weapon had been stashed on her. 

Neither officer was injured during the exchange. Lyon said Christian and both officers are African American.


  1. How did you determine this as "not racism"? Was it the same process you use to label a post as "racism"? As in you just look at the color of their skin?

    1. Yeah, that usually is an indicator.

  2. Someone needs some retraining in applying restraints and searches, though these days the potential repercussions of a proper search of a different gender makes the lapse understandable. They are very fortunate to have made it through the event without injury.
    And of course, we now have the family of Ms. Bad Decisions saying she didn't deserve to be shot,

    "Christian’s mother and grandfather said she did not deserve to die and that APD failed to follow proper procedure.
    “If you look at her arrests, she was not in there for no violent crimes,” Felecia Christian said of her daughter. “She might have stolen a car here or there; she was a wild child. She didn’t do anything that would deserve her to be dead. She did nothing to deserve death.”

    "Christian said he has spoken with attorneys but declined to say if the family plans to seek civil penalties against the officers, the police department or the city. But, he made clear he believes the police should face punishment.
    “If they’re found guilty, which I feel they are, they should be held accountable by all means,” he said."

    So now, if a criminal manages to hide something well enough to get by a police search and is then killed when assaulting the police, its the fault of law enforcement.