Saturday, May 30, 2015

Minnesota Woman Pulls Pellet Gun on Muslim Couple

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Local news

The attacker, a “self-appointed watchwoman” named Nancy Kay Knoble, began pounding on the car’s windows and doors, and commanding the Abumayalehs to get out of the vehicle. And that’s when Knoble took out her pellet gun. The couple she was threatening, however, didn’t know the firearm wasn’t a more powerful model.

“She pulled the rifle and said open the window or I’ll shoot you guys,” Adly Abumayaleh tells local news station KARE. Fearful, the Abumayalehs complied. The couple exited the vehicle and, while Knoble held her gun to Adly’s back, the trio approached the house where the Abumayalehs’ son was spending time with friends.

As promised, the Abumayalehs’ child was where they said he would be and Knoble, satisfied that the family was not a threat severe enough to keep holding at gunpoint, “backed off,” according to KARE.

But the Abumayaleh family was shaken. “I thought, I am going to die this night,” Majida says tearfully.

Police arrested Knoble at her home nearby and recovered the crime scene pellet gun.


  1. Jesus H. What a useless troublesome bitch.

    Maybe if we didn't have this useless gun culture she might not have been inspired to do such a horrible, lawless deed.

    No responsibility to you guys, right? I mean you are just protecting your families and your persons from the ever-present threat, right? This bitch must be crazy?

  2. She is just lucky that she didn't point her toy gun at someone that could have shot back and seriously injured or killed her.

  3. Pellet guns are not Toys Mike And MJ and this was likely not racism either Mike perhaps religious intolerance more likely just a crazy bitch like FJ pointed out.....why do you keep confusing everything else for racism Mike? There are plenty of crazy melanin challenged people following this nonsense around the world

    1. Uh, GJ, I know its not a toy, but a strike at Mike for putting it in that category. I just forgot the quotation marks.

    2. How could you possible say this is not racism. That's the exact reason she did what she did.

      About the "toy gun" tag, aren't you guys being a little picky? Pellet guns are not considered firearms by any standard I know about. Do we have to have three categories now, real guns, toy guns and something in between?

    3. Mike, pellet guns are regulated in most states just like a firearm. Some states consider them the same as firearms. You can go to jail by abusing the laws regulating pellet guns. Pellet guns can maim and kill. The only toy guns I know of are air soft and cap guns. And even these will get you killed if you point one at someone in a malicious manner and it looks convincing enough, and your actions are convincing enough.

      So no, we are not being picky. B

    4. How could you possible say this is not racism. That's the exact reason she did what she did.

      Maybe, maybe not, O mighty telepath. As Mr. Jefferson said, it could very well have been their religion, rather than their race, that sent this idiot over the edge. Admittedly, I'm not sure I'm too concerned about the distinction here. To my way of thinking, hate-filled bigotry is hate-filled bigotry, and she is contemptible vermin either way.

      As for the "toy/not toy" debate, Mikeb,are pellet guns among "them sumbitches" you want banned?

    5. Pretty much, Mike. Firearms, air guns, toys- each three not like the others.

    6. Because you have no idea what motivated her but you always jump to the race card first in every case and that is simply not appropriate. I agree with kurt she is vermin but we DO NOT KNOW what motivated her dangerous behavior and to make more unsupported accusations of racism is ignorant and narrow minded..Think outside your ever shrinking box once in a while Mike

      Mike you are aware that Muslim is not a race right?

    7. Major Fly said, "Mike, pellet guns are regulated in most states just like a firearm. "

      I say, bullshit.

      George, as Kurt pointed out, it might have only been "hate-filled bigotry." Or, it might have been just what I said. Do you really want to fight over the difference?

    8. Yes Mike making the distinction is important..

    9. "It might have been exactly what I said."

      And, why don't you explain the big difference between racism and religions bigotry.