Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Nevada Gun Law Changes - Some Good, Some Bad

Las Vegas Review Journal

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"Nevada Gun law Changing for the better‏"

The Assembly on Friday passed a gun bill that would expand and clarify Nevada’s justifiable homicide law and prevent people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from possessing firearms.

The Assembly voted on party lines 25-17 on Senate Bill 175.

The bill, which has already passed the Senate, goes to Gov. Brian Sandoval’s desk. The governor’s office didn’t indicate if he will sign the bill.

SB175 would expand the definition of justifiable homicide to include killing someone in defense of an occupied motor vehicle or someone who intends to enter a vehicle to assault a person inside. The bill also would grant civil liability protection to those who use justifiable force.

It would end a handgun registration requirement in Clark County and establish “state control over the regulation of policies concerning firearms.”

Under the bill, anyone convicted of domestic violence, including a misdemeanor offense, could not own a firearm. Doing so would be a felony.

SB175 would also expand the current law recognizing other states that offer concealed carry permits and allowing residents of those states to carry weapons in Nevada. States that require a class, program or training to obtain a permit would be granted reciprocity, expanding the number of such states by about 10.

Assemblywoman Dina Neal, D-North Las Vegas, opposed the measure, saying it’s too subjective and tips the scales in favor of shooters who claim they were afraid.

“How do you determine fear?” Neal said.

In another development, the Assembly introduced a new “campus carry” bill on Friday that would allow permit-holders to carry a concealed weapon on college campuses. Assembly Bill 487 was referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Just a day earlier, legislators in the Assembly rejected an amendment to SB175 that would have allowed campus carry. The Assembly voted 24-18 Thursday to kill the controversial proposal, with eight Republicans helping defeat it.

Most of the eight Republicans who voted against campus carry Thursday had a change of heart Friday.


  1. what the good whats the bad Mike?....For me the best part is the repeal of discriminatory gun registration in Clark county everything else is good also.. if AB 147 makes it out of committee Tues morning that will be great also

  2. The most basic law of owning a gun is to have clean police records. You cannot apply for the weapon if you have bad reputation, any crime records, or any other misconduct in your life. This law is common in all the countries. Thanks for the news about Nevada changed gun law.