Sunday, July 5, 2015

Former CNN Anchor & Concealed Carry Holder, Lynne Russell – Survives Shootout

Ammoland for John Lott's take on it


  1. All I can say is good shooting!

  2. Imagine the sex her husband is going to get when he is fully recovered. She has most likely already brought him the promise of fulfillment right in his hospital bed!

  3. I can't imagine how this couple's sex life became anyone's business but their own, but I do have to acknowledge that both of them being alive makes sex vastly more likely (and vastly less creepy) than if either or both of them were as dead as Carol Browne. That they are both alive is almost certainly due in very large part to the fact that unlike Carol Browne, they weren't waiting for the state's permission to possess the best means of self-defense.


  4. Here is a recent op-ed from Ms. Russell giving a pretty good description of her encounter and her feelings on armed self defense.

    "Now, ask me how I feel about the right to bear arms.

    Here's the truth:
    1. Criminals will always have guns, this is not about them.

    2. Americans have a constitutional right to bear arms. Humans have a right to defend themselves. If we didn't have the Second Amendment, we would create it.

    3. You can't control everything; but if it makes you feel better, go with a simple law preventing violent offenders from buying firearms. Make it "violent" offenders rather than "white collar" offenders, or most of Capitol Hill won't be allowed to own them.

    4. Get a gun, get legal, be responsible, trust yourself. Don't trust yourself? Then don't carry. But for God's sake then, shut the f**k up about it, because that's where your involvement ends.
    Chuck and I were married one year ago, on the Fourth of July. Sure, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary in a hospital. But thanks to the Second Amendment, my crack-shot husband and the pistol he used, we were able to have a first anniversary."

    1. This is the type of "gun death" that is easily preventable through "common sense" gun laws. They don't have these types of killings in the UK or Japan- at all.

  5. "Get a gun, get legal, be responsible"
    If everyone did that, we would not have a gun problem. What is the pro gun side doing to ensure your statement?

    1. "What is the pro gun side doing to ensure your statement?"

      Why Anon, there are many things that pro gun groups do to ensure Ms. Russell's statement. At the user level, groups like the NRA operates a large training program to educate owners in proper use of firearms. More locally, in my home state, the Department of Natural Resources sponsors hunting safety courses. Also many gun ranges and clubs hold classes to train new owners.
      On the commercial side, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has long had programs in place to encourage safe storage of firearms and to help retailers prevent straw purchasers.
      In fact, the NSSF's Operation Childsafe has supplied free gun locks to gun owners,

      "Since 1999, the National Shooting Sports Foundation,
      through Project ChildSafe, has distributed more than
      37 million free firearm safety kits (which include a
      cable-style gun lock) to gun owners in all 50 states and
      the five U.S. Territories through partnerships with more
      than 15,000 local law enforcement agencies."

      When I look at the list of supporters for this program, for some reason I don't see the MOMs, Everytown, or the Brady Campaign. And I certainly haven't seen any of these groups run a similar program. Have you?

    2. "What is the pro gun side doing to ensure your statement?"

      A lot more than you. The gun culture promotes safe handling through NRA programs and grass-roots initiative. As a result, deaths by gun accidents have decreased over 95% over the decades. Ninety-five percent!

      "If everyone did that, we would not have a gun problem."

      Are you a good responsible driver? We know there are a lot of people who aren't, so why should you be allowed to drive as long as someone out there is irresponsible?

    3. About 30,000 dead by gun shot every year. I would call that a complete failure of the efforts of the pro gun side, but I'm sure you gun loons are completely happy with those death by gun shot numbers.

  6. I was wondering about the legality of their cross-country trip. Presumably they carried their guns in and out of hotel rooms in a dozen different states - without breaking any laws?

    1. Presumably they carried their guns in and out of hotel rooms in a dozen different states - without breaking any laws?

      In which states is it illegal to carry one's guns in and out of hotel rooms?

    2. It would be much easier with national reciprocity, don’t you think?

      But I love how you want this patchwork of laws that you expect gun owners to follow while travelling, but then at the same time assume that they weren’t able to. Sounds like you want there to be traps. And that’s before we even get into what it would be like without state preemption laws, where they’d have to know all local ordinances.

    3. "Presumably they carried their guns in and out of hotel rooms in a dozen different states - without breaking any laws?"

      Not a difficult thing at all Mike. Depending on where they live, their carry permits could be honored in any number of states. Fot example, my Minnesota carry permit is honored in 27 states including Minnesota. I could also get for example a Utah non-resident permit and add even more states where I can legally carry.

    4. Kurt: "In which states is it illegal to carry one's guns in and out of hotel rooms?"

      New Jersey.

    5. New Jersey.

      Point taken, TS, but thankfully, NJ is easily avoided in a cross-country trip. I'm an atheist, but the previous sentence still makes me want to say "Thank God."

    6. "Not a difficult thing at all Mike"

      Oh, really? I would think it would be quite difficult.

    7. I would think it would be quite difficult.

      Well then, your thinking would be quite incorrect. SSG mentioned Utah permits. Those are honored in 31 states (36 for Utah residents).

      Besides, if they did break the law, isn't it a good thing that they did, since possessing a gun was probably the difference between life and death for them? Bad laws be damned, and state-mandated defenselessness laws are heinous, and the deepest pits of Hell are too pleasant a place for them--and anyone who supports them.

    8. "Oh, really? I would think it would be quite difficult."

      Well Mike, let's look at such a trip. LinkedIn shows the couple as living in the DC area. If for example, they live in Virginia, they could easily carry for the entire trip right up until they hit California. At that time they would have to unload and store their firearms in their vehicle, though they could also possess them in any hotel they stay at.
      And of course, if they also have a residence in California, they could possibly be legal to carry in that state.

    9. MikeB: “Oh, really? I would think it would be quite difficult.”

      And yet you strive to make it even more difficult. Here we have a voice of common sense reasonable proper gun control saying that our current patchwork of laws makes it “quite difficult” to legally travel with a gun (while at the same time professing that “we have no gun control”), and who also want to see it made exponentially more difficult (bordering on impossible) for good people to not commit serious life-altering crimes by travelling while armed. Yeah, we should all just get with the program and stop fighting gun control. You have our best interest at heart.