Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Houston 3-Year-old Critical - No One Responsible - Another "Sad Reminder"


A three year old boy is in the hospital after shooting himself in the head with his grandparents' gun. A sad reminder of the importance of gun safety and that all weapons should be stored away or locked. 

Yesterday afternoon, deputies say the child was put down for a nap in the master bedroom at his grandparent's home on Puget Lane off Ella Boulevard in northwest Harris County. They say the child got a hold of an automatic pistol that was left on the night stand and shot himself in the head.

At last check, the little boy was listed in critical condition.


  1. Does "in critical condition" equal "dead" in your reality, Mikeb?

    1. Now that's a real gotcha - typically sarcastic. I made a mistake, which I'll correct now. Thanks.

  2. No accident here, just gun loon stupidity.