Saturday, September 12, 2015

Minnesota Man Kills Family and Self

Brian Scott Short, the 45-year-old homeowner, grabbed a shotgun and headed to the bedrooms of his 17-year-old son, Cole, and his 15- and 14-year-old daughters, Madison and Brooklyn.

He walked into the first bedroom, aimed the gun at the sleeping child and pulled the trigger, sources with direct knowledge of the investigation told the Star Tribune Friday.

Short then did the same to his other two children.

Startled by the noise, Short’s 48-year-old wife, Karen, grabbed a cellphone to call 911. But Brian tracked her down in another bedroom and shot her dead. She, like the children, was shot in the head.

Short then went into the home’s attached garage and turned the shotgun on himself.


  1. Guns make killing other people sooooo easy. At least he still had the right to own a gun to do that ya see and that is of much more importance than any one and in this case ones lives.

    If only his wife and kids would have been packing they probably would have been able to save the others lives.

    Perhaps they were and just weren't quick enough to get a round off.

  2. If he had killed his wife and kids in their sleep with a knife and then slit his wrists in the they would have been just as easily killed and this wouldn't be a gun crime for you to dance in the blood of.

    1. Brilliant, Thomas. The weapon of choice for mass killing suicidal maniacs is a knife - is that you're position?

  3. What!!! No comment from SS on how Minnesota is such a model gun State. And I remember well the stupid argument SS made when I presented proof to him of Minnesota's history of mass killings. He denied Minnesota had any mass killings. Just a laughable gun loon liar.