Monday, September 7, 2015

Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Wife by Accident


  1. Yep, that's a shame. Luckily, there's not all bad news this morning:

    1. Yeah, tit for tat. The only problem is guns do more harm than good. You lose.

    2. Even if it were true that gun do more harm than good (which I've showed many times is not reflected in murder and violent crime rates), what consolation would that be to this man if he were denied his gun rights because some gangbanger somewhere commits a drive-by?

    3. You haven't demonstrated shit. I, on the other hand, have shown that half a million gun crimes a year combined with half a million guns stolen each year far outweigh the measly amount of good you keep vaunting.

      And let's not forget that when counting DGUs you guys count simply brandishing that supposedly scares off the wrongdoers. In fairness we'd have to count all the improper brandishings that occur.

      Like I said, guns do far more harm than good.

    4. MikeB: "You haven't demonstrated shit."

      Over a year ago you actually finally conceded that I was right in my NO CORRELATION calculations, now you’re saying I haven’t demonstrated shit? There’s that famous memory of yours again. Like a goldfish, you are: “Oh, look, a castle!”

      MikeB (6/8/2014): “Yeah, I guess I believe your calculations, as far as I can follow them."

      And as another reminder, I don’t care about your silly little DGU count, and how you say 99% of them are against snakes. It is a horrible faulty metric to just add up the amount of times someone was attacked (when they weren’t disarmed by law) and were able to defend themselves with a gun, and compare that to crimes committed with guns. I don’t care which one is more. It is stupid. And you know who else doesn’t care? This guy from Oregon who we are talking about. While lying on the floor being stabbed he is supposed to be thinking, “too bad I don’t have a gun… but hopefully someone won’t commit suicide with a gun today, so it all works out.”

    5. Your memory is truly impressive, the only problem is in your perception. Sometimes you see things that aren't really there. This quote you provided, for example, is far from a resounding agreement or concession.

      "your silly little DGU count, and how you say 99% of them are against snakes."
      You know I never said anything even close to that, right?

  2. "Police said the man is a concealed carry permit holder and was preparing to go target shooting when the incident occurred.
    He was removing the magazine from the 9 mm handgun when a round was discharged and struck his wife, according to police.
    Charges, if any, will be up to the detective and the prosecutor’s office."

    I will be interesting to see what happens here. Sounds like there should be some charge forthcoming.