Monday, October 5, 2015

Four California Students Arrested For Plotting Mass Shooting

Huffington Post

Four northern California students have been arrested for plotting to carry out a shooting at a high school, authorities said.

Authorities took four unidentified students into custody after they uncovered their plan to shoot and kill faculty members and students at Summerville High School, the Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office said on Saturday.

"The suspects plan was very detailed in nature and included names of would be victims, locations and the methods in which the plan was to be carried out," the sheriff's department said in a Facebook post.

High school officials reported to authorities on Wednesday that three students were planning to carry out an attack. During their investigation, detectives learned that a fourth student was involved in the plot, the sheriff's office said.


  1. Not seeing anything about easy gun availability since they didn't seem to actually have any guns. Especially considering they are living in the gun control nirvana of California.

    "Mel said that there were no weapons found, but that the plot had been very near completion. “(They were) pretty dog-gone close. (Close) enough to keep me up last night, to keep my detectives and lieutenants up last night.” He credited trust within the community for enabling law enforcement to foil the plot, according to the Bee.

    Tuolumne is a small town of fewer than 2,000 people in the eastern, mountainous region of the state.

    This article’s opening paragraph has been corrected to reflect the fact that the suspects allegedly “planned to stockpile” weapons but had not yet actually done so."

  2. Seems to me the boys' defense is that they were collaborating on a fiction novel that they were planning to publish.