Sunday, October 4, 2015

Political Spending - Gun Rights vs. Gun Control



  1. Buying your rights

    How great it would be if money is all it takes to secure our rights. Money is far less precious than blood, so let's hope.

    But we'll spend that if we have to--and I wager the other side will end up having to pay more of that than ours does, and that it will indeed be more than they can afford.

    Don't take us there, assholes.

  2. 99% of those who want gun control are Marxists/socialist/liberal progressives who don't spend their own money on causes but want to confiscate 'other peoples money' for their idiotic social justice causes.

    orlin sellers

  3. As I've said several times before, the people elect whom they wish. And if they don't represent their constituents properly, they will find themselves out of a job. If money was truly able to buy votes, how do you explain the government of Chicago? There is a city government with a long and honorable history of corruption that is still going strong and they seem unwilling to tap that treasure trove known as the gun lobby who will supposedly throw money at them for just supporting their cause.