Sunday, February 1, 2009

Archie Bunker on Gun Control

This incredible video is supplied to us by Microdot, that one man archive on everything from movies to music to American TV. Presently living a baronial existence in the French countryside, he had but to cast his memory back to find an episode that perfectly foreshadowed this blog's frequent comment threads, decades before they existed. The long-haired son-in-law was even named Mike.


  1. waddayagonna do? you gots you there yer Carrol O'Connor, one of the most protruberous masticators of yer Queens English as composed to yer...uh... Kings English which is what we all know they go and talk like there in Brooklyn.

  2. geez, they had some annoying laugh tracks back then.

  3. Mike,

    You are the one always trying to use common sense.

    Let's try it with Archie's idea:

    Is a high-jacking more or less likely if all the passengers are armed?

    Simple eh?

    Commonsense says it is less likely, right?

  4. What if them passengers are all some of them skyjackers and they all want to go somewhere different?
    Then you got a real problem!

  5. I see what you mean, Microdot. Happens on Buses and trains all the time....

  6. Yes, an annoying laugh track, but an incredibly funny routine, no?

    Do you think only the gun control people laugh at it? Do the gun enthusiasts find Archie funny too?

  7. No it's a funny bit. One of the gunnies I shoot with has it in his forum signature for our club forum.

    Don't you think this is funny, Mike?

  8. That "Gun Free Zone" video is funny as hell. It's great that we can laugh at each other in this way.

  9. Mike,

    I found the video to be funny because it lampoons the gun rights advocates position so well....but it really is scary.

    My kids go to "gun free zones" every day; one in college and one in high school. Do you really think that any crook is going to be stopped by signs, by the law?

    But that is exactly what the gun control lobby is trying to convince the people. Heck, it's what you are trying to convince us of....just one more law and we won't have any more shootings. BUNK

  10. Those signs sure do stop me, tho. I think you remember the post on my blog where I went disarmed for 12 hours because I needed to make a 10 min stop at the Post office before they closed.

    Now of course I was obeying the *stupid* law because I didn't want to commit a crime. That in iteself proves I was no harm, armed or not... If I'm respecting the law that my Carry permit is not valid in a US Post Office, why wouldn't I respect more serious and logical laws against assault or murder?

    Or conversly, if somebody who isn't affraid to commit a violent crime dispite the law, why would a lesser law suddenly stop them?

    Also just for fun, for that day I didn't FULLY disarm, I did have my standard 4" pocket knife that I always have with me, but also because my gun was left at home I slipped my 2" Ka-Bar defensive knife in my pocket.

    Both items are VERY capable of murder (that goes double for my Biology Schooling and first-aid training that allows me to know where vital organs and blood vessles reside and what are most easily damaged by my tools at hand) and simply displaying either of them in a threatening manor is grounds for criminal assault with a deadly weapon...but the law says nothing about me bringing them with me to the post office.

  11. Also just for fun, for that day I didn't FULLY disarm, I did have my standard 4" pocket knife that I always have with me

    weerd, IANAL, but if you took that one into a federal facility it's possible you may be a felon. i could be wrong, but i've heard rumors about a two-inch blade length limit in such places. not that i'd ever bother leaving my 3.5" griptilian in the car when checking my p.o. box myself, either...

  12. Pretty sure that isn't the case, Nomen. But they have to by law post all that info on the door, so next time you hit up your PO Box have a look and let me know. I don't go to the PO very often (for obvious reasons)

  13. I think it's completely stupid to allow you guys to carry a gun but require that you leave it in the car when you go into the post office. I've said it before. Total stupidity.

    One thing I've been meaning to ask is this: how do police generally feel about your carrying a concealed weapon? Do cops tend to agree with you that it makes the world a safer place? What do you think?

  14. As a general rule (and speaking from a guy who has lived in towns catagorized as "Cities" all his life (granted SMALL cities) Beat cops generally are 100% in favor of lawfully armed citizens because they know the background check system, they know that the people breaking the laws don't bother with permits or lawful sale, and they have to take the 911 calls and KNOW they won't get there in time to save a life....just declare time of death.

    Cheifs on the other hand are often apointed polititions so they serve the whims of the big city politicals in their town as they can be removed if they disapoint. So in an anti-gun town they are VERY anti gun (like Miami's lying cheif) in pro gun towns they are very pro small towns they just happen to be the most senior beat cop, and they know the cops won't arrive on time....

    My Police cheif personally is VERY friendly to gun owners, and had no problem reversing a contrary decision by the Anti-Gun Cheif who issued my first permit.

  15. Mike,

    Why don't you ask a few yourself.

    Lawdog files

    Second City Cop

    Cowtown Cop

    Better and Better

    This might give you a clue from Cowtown cop


    Another here

  17. From the great blog, Days of our Trailer

    Illinois sheriffs support proposed state concealed-carry law

    For the first time since it was founded in 1928, the Illinois Sheriffs' Association passed a resolution Tuesday supporting a state concealed-carry handgun law.

    Members of the 102-county association concluded their three-day winter training conference at the i Wireless Center in Moline on Tuesday. They also elected Henry County Sheriff Gib Cady as its 2009 president. Sheriff Cady is a strong proponent of a concealed-carry handgun law.

    "We are constitutional officers for the people,"Sheriff Cady said, "and the people want this."

    Greg Sullivan, executive director of the sssociation, said the group wanted to weigh in on the issue. There is a strong push from the National Rifle Association to back some type of concealed-carry handgun law, he said, noting that only Illinois and Wisconsin have no form of concealed-carry handgun laws.

    "The association is typically neutral on concealed carry," Mr. Sullivan said.

    The association's resolution noted it surveyed Illinois sheriffs on the issue, and 90 percent of those responding "support concealed carry in Illinois if adequate training and safeguards are included."

    I have to chuckle when I read this part:

    Not all favor a concealed-carry law. In january, Laimutis Nargelenas, deputy director of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police in Springfield, said his association opposes the proposal.

    Moline Police Chief Gary Francque and East Moline Police Chief Victor Moreno also opposed a concealed-carry law. The threat to law enforcement would be enormous with so many people allowed to carry handguns, they said, with Chief Moreno saying a concealed-carry law would alter the way police and public interact.

    You mean the police might have to be nice to people...respect their rights, etc?

    Now while most cops are exceptional examples of ethics...there are a few that need to be reminded that they work for the people. Don't you agree Mike?
    You know the ones, the ones accused of hiding evidence, framing people, lying about what the people did.

    Is it a bad thing for the police to have to deal with armed people in their jobs? Wait, they already do...except it is only criminals that can carry in Illinois. The law abiding (by definition) don't carry firearms on a regular basis.

    Let's close with this sentiment from the article

    "Sheriffs aren't the puppets of mayors and county board chairmen," Mr. Vandermyde said. "What's being proposed is not a radical idea. Forty-eight states have it. Forty-eight states can't be wrong."

  18. Further evidence

    Just noticed this on Second City Cop's blog

    When seconds count, the Police are only minutes away. (SCC supports Concealed Carry)

    Don't know if its new or I just was clueless...but that should tell you how the feel, eh?