Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Military Academic Complex

Opinione published an article about the little-know facet of the Military Industrial Complex which ensures future generations of "leaders."

As American students return for another semester at universities around America, Opinione thought it would be an excellent time to discuss how the Pentagon’s influence in higher education has contributed to the militarization of American society and perpetual wars waged by a callous and inept political establishment. Although the average American is not even aware of the power and influence of the larger military industrial complex, most Americans would be shocked to learn how much money the Pentagon contributes to America’s research universities and Ivy League Schools. Known as the “Golden Triangle”, a group of military agencies, the high technology industry, and research universities, the military academic complex is influencing the bright young minds in America to develop the next generation aerial drone, stealth destroyer, and other items related to death and destruction.

What's your opinion? Is this something to worry about? Certainly we need good minds involved in military development and spending in the future, but do you think it's gone too far? Even our current administration has increased military spending. Will this be the real source of our eventual bankruptcy? What do you think?

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  1. This is hardly anything new. The government has always spent money on defense (or offense, depending upon your point of view).

    Does anyone really believe that the government decided one day that America needs a device that can cook food real fast so everyone can get fatter? No, but the microwave oven was born out of the use of microwaves applied for other purposes.

    Does anyone here believe that lasers and robotics that have advanced medicine so far began with that goal in mind?

    Everything from the internet to velcro came from defense spending. The military has a much bigger budget for development than the department of arts and farts.

  2. FWM,
    While you are correct about some technology being used by the American public like microwave ovens, GPS navigation, and velcro (NASA), the point of my post was how the military is encouraging research into areas for its own interests and not thinking of helping more average americans.
    The new technology enabling soldiers and the military to remain technologically ahead of other enemies, will only push those enemies (ie terrorists) towards the soft targets like you and I in an airplane, tour bus, or other soft target.